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  • Brain Fog – The Gift That Keeps on Giving (You a Headache)

    Are you tired of feeling mentally foggy and forgetful? Do you struggle to stay focused and productive throughout the day? If so, this week's episode of our mindfulness podcast is for you! In this episode: We dive deep into the topic of brain fog and explore the various causes behind this frustrating mental state. Share…

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  • Spiritual Practices for Facing Our Fears and Finding Inner Strength

    Fear is something we all experience, but it can be especially challenging when we're on a spiritual journey. Whether it's fear of failure, fear of the unknown, or even fear of success, it's an emotion that can hold us back from living our fullest lives. In this episode: We'll explore the nature of fear and…

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  • The Dark Side of Social Media and How Mindfulness Can Help

    Join the Mind Mashed Tribe: https://mindmashed.co/subscribe In this episode: We explore the negative impact of social media on mental health and well-being, including addiction, comparison, anxiety, cyberbullying, and the spread of misinformation. We discuss the role of social media algorithms in shaping user behavior and emotions and offer practical tips for using mindfulness techniques while…

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  • The Human Earth Connection: Making Sustainability Our Motto for a Better, Brighter Future!

    Unlocking Our Spiritual Connection with the Earth: How Small Changes Can Help Make a Big Difference! Join us on a breathtaking voyage of exploration, as we uncover the fascinating intricacies of the human-earth connection and witness the remarkable ways in which people around the world are shaping a brighter future. In this episode,  What is…

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  • The Art of Doing Nothing, Benefits of Boredom & 10 Ways to Cope with Boredom

    Exclusive Mind Mashed Tribe is now Live!Join now – https://mindmashed.co/subscribe In this episode of Mind Mashed Podcast, you will learn:  The Benefits of Boredom: Why Embracing Boredom Can Improve Your Life Breaking the Stigma: Understanding the Psychology of Boredom The Art of Doing Nothing: How to Embrace Unstructured Time Boredom-Busting Techniques: 10 Ways to Cope…

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  • Procrastination – The Enemy of Productivity Or A Secret Weapon?

    Exclusive Mind Mashed Tribe is now Live!Join now – https://mindmashed.co/subscribe In this episode of Mind Mashed Podcast, you will learn:  Common misconceptions about procrastination. While procrastination is often viewed as a negative habit, it can actually be a powerful tool for increasing productivity. The Science of Procrastination. How procrastination can lead to better problem-solving and…

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  • Incorporate Growth Mindset into your Daily Life

    Exclusive Mind Mashed Tribe is now Live!Join now – https://mindmashed.co/subscribe Exclusive Content for Mind Mashed Tribe: https://mindmashed.co/growth-mindset In this episode of Mind Mashed Podcast, you will learn:  How to incorporate the power of perspective and achieve your goals like a pro! Why should we settle for anything less in our personal and professional growth? That's…

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Loving Your Work

    From Burnout to Bliss: The Ultimate Guide to Loving Your Work When we are unhappy or unfulfilled in our work, it can take a toll on our mental health and well-being. It can lead to feelings of frustration, stress, and even burnout. Hence it is important to take some time to reflect on what it…

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  • The Art of Deliberate Practice

    Your challenge for this week is to develop a process of practice whether you are learning an entirely new skill, diving into an old one, or just want to create a habit to improve your life.  In this episode, we will learn : Why Love the Process of Practice Steps in the Practice Procedure Book…

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  • Strategies for Breaking Through Subconscious Limitations

    Subscribe to Mind Mashed Website for getting exclusive notes of this episode. In this episode, we will learn : Breaking through subconscious blocks to reach your highest potential Become aware of our thought patterns and beliefs. Practice self-reflection.  Challenge and overcome subconscious blocks.  Seek out the support Practice self-care  Support the show [Podcast Release Schedule:…

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Working for more than a decade in the field of Information Technology, Piyush wants to to create a joyful, insightful and inspiring community that helps you to think differently. Hence founded Mind Mashed in 2022 and created this podcast to help people reach their peak mental performance and make the most of their lives.