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  • Cosmic Prism of Truth – Unveiling Reality’s Colors

    Cosmic Prism of Truth – Unveiling Reality's Colors In each episode, we blend the art of playful storytelling with the science of mindfulness, taking you on a cosmic cruise through the realms of self-discovery, interconnectedness, and cosmic empowerment. From peeling back the layers of cosmic truths to diving into the cosmic dance of energy and…

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  • Unveiling Practical Pathways to Higher Consciousness

    Embark on a cosmic journey like no other in this episode of Mind Mashed! Join our cheerful and playful host as they unveil five practical tips to kick-start your own adventure into higher consciousness. From carving out your cosmic sanctuary to infusing mindfulness into your daily routine, these cosmic insights will guide you towards a…

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  • Level Up – Unfolding Higher Consciousness

    Level Up – Unfolding Higher Consciousness Subscribe to Join Mind Mashed Tribe – https://mindmashed.co/subscribe Discover the profound connection between higher consciousness and personal growth as our playful host takes you on an insightful exploration. Unleash your cosmic potential, tap into inner wisdom, and integrate higher consciousness into your daily life. Get ready to embrace your…

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  • The Pursuit of Happiness – Confronting Fear and Embracing Joy

    The Pursuit of Happiness – Confronting Fear and Embracing Joy Subscribe to join the Mind Mashed Tribe – https://mindmashed.co/subscribe Join us on a transformative journey as we uncover the secrets to fearlessness and lasting happiness. In this captivating episode, we explore the profound wisdom of the 14th Dalai Lama's quote, "The purpose of our lives…

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  • Flavors of Higher Consciousness

    Each episode unravels a different facet of this profound subject from transcendent states to inner awareness, from interconnectedness to cosmic evolution.  In this episode "Flavors of Higher Consciousness", we will: Explore a tapestry of theories and perspectives. Offering unique insights into the cosmic mysteries that surround us. Brace yourself for an adventure that will expand…

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  • Adversaries Transformed – The Path to Unity and Compassion

    Subscribe – https://mindmashed.co/subscribe "Adversaries Transformed – The Path to Unity and Compassion" is a captivating exploration of empathy and its potential to create positive change in our lives and the world around us. The episode serves as a reminder that true adversaries are not those we face in battle but the walls we build within…

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  • Journeying through the Mysteries of the 5th Dimension

    Journeying through the Mysteries of the 5th Dimension. Subscribe – https://mindmashed.co/subscribe In This Episode. we will: Explain how the 5th dimension offers a path to transcending the limitations  Share personal anecdotes or examples to illustrate the power of expanding consciousness Provide practical tips or exercises to help listeners tap into the 5th dimension Support the…

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  • Remove the Lies, Replace with Truth

    Remove the Lies, Replace with Truth – The Replacement Principle! Subscribe – https://mindmashed.co/subscribe Your liberation is a simple two-step process: Remove the lie. Replace it with the truth. But the struggle in this process is very real and very hard, and it can feellike a war is being fought in your life. Because that’s exactly…

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  • Higher Consciousness 101

    Higher Consciousness 101 Subscribe now – https://mindmashed.co/subscribe In this episode, we will : Embark on a cosmic journey into the profound realms of higher consciousness. Delve deep into the interconnectedness of all things Unravel hidden truths that await. Discover the significance of higher consciousness in personal growth, spiritual development, and everyday life. Support the show…

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  • Time to Change Your Mind

    Subscribe now – https://mindmashed.co/subscribe 5th Dimension 101 –Our Lives are Always Moving In The Direction Of Our Strongest Thoughts. What we think shapes who we are. Welcome, Mind Mashed Tribe, to a brand-new series of Mind Mashed Podcast on Tuesdays, where transformation is not just a dream, but a tangible reality. Tuesdays will now become…

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Working for more than a decade in the field of Information Technology, Piyush wants to to create a joyful, insightful and inspiring community that helps you to think differently. Hence founded Mind Mashed in 2022 and created this podcast to help people reach their peak mental performance and make the most of their lives.