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The Secret to Emotional Healing – Unlocking Your Emotional Freedom

The Secret to Emotional Healing – Unlocking Your Emotional Freedom

In this episode:

  • We explore the concept of trapped emotions
  • Dr. Nelson shares his insights on how The Emotion Code works
  • The benefits of using The Emotion Code for emotional healing
  • The steps involved in releasing trapped emotions.
  • Practical tips for incorporating it into everyday life.

Episode Time Stamps:

00:00 – Join the Mind Mashed Tribe
00:07 – What's in today's episode?
00:45 – Mind Mashed Podcast Episode Music
01:29 – Nitty-gritty of what trapped emotions actually are.
03:50 – Dr. Bradley Nelson's The Emotion Code
04:34 – Benefits of using The Emotion Code
05:54 – How to implement the Emotion code?
07:30 – Exclusive for Mind Mashed Tribe
07:55 – Self-care
09:21 – Episode Summary
10:12 – Important Stuff
10:56 – Episode Outro

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