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Powerful Alpha Meditation ft. AdiShanti

Birthday Gift From My Father !!! Alpha Meditation by AdiShanti – G.Priyanka who is on a mission to Awaken 100 Million people to upgrade themselves to find their Soul Purpose. Contact her on prispeaks@gmail.com . Mind mashed is a cocktail of cognitive insights on living a mindful life. For more go to: https://www.mindmashed.co . This episode is powered by Shivoham Infosolutions LLP – pioneer in the field of Recruitment, Talent Management, Staffing & Training from the past 18 years. Check them out at  https://shivohaminfosolutions.com
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Episode Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Milestone & Shivoham Infosolutions LLP
01:22 – Procedure for Alpha Meditation
01:57 – Powerful Alpha Meditation

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